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The Source Connection

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is The Mission of The Source Connection?

A The mission of The Source Connection (TSC) is basically to bridge the gap between man and God, as well as, between man and each other. Also, our mission is to serve as a source of information, education, inspiration and restoration for society via our various training programs and special initiatives, including our radio ministry. Please meet some of our distinguished guests and radio hosts by clicking here 

Q Who Governs TSC?

A TSC is a non-profit Christian organization governed by an interdenominational, intercultural, and intergenerational board of professional men and women who offer their knowledge skills and abilities to assist others in achieving their highest potential despite the many challenges of life. We frequently connect or collaborate with other community organization, social service agencies, churches and ministries in order to achieve our mission.   

Q What are the Goals of TSC?

A The goal of TSC is simple, 
TO CONNECT: 1. To connect humanity with Divinity through the saving knowledge of God's Son, Jesus Christ.  To learn how you can accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior click here.  2. To connect the body of Christ with each other in order to enhance diversity, eradicate separatism, and promote unity in our individual efforts to fulfill the Great Commission 3. To connect men, women and children with viable resources in order to reduce despondency, frustration and hopelessness during a time of need. 4. To connect men and women with specialized training programs in order to better equip them for the  work of the ministry as mandated by Eph. 4:12-16, as well as to enhance their personal growth in general.  

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Our Special Programs

The Source Connection (TSC) 
administers the following programs and initiatives:

  • Specialized Training

The Source Connection conducts professional specialized training programs ranging from risk management for churches to effective communication skills for adults and youth.  For additional information on our training programs or to schedule a speaker for your next conference visit: or click on safe church training,   

  • Outreach

TSC administers several outreach programs which touch the lives of individuals, one person at a time they include: One Afternoon with the King a special program devoted to providing encouragement and support to individuals in ministerial leadership and Operation M & M a program that provides small acts of kindness to economically disadvantaged youth, the elderly and disabled.  For additional information on all TSC programs click on About Us.


In order to expand and enhance our programs we need your support.  Won't you pray about sending a monetary donation to our ministry? To learn how you can support.